Preparation of slide strains for yeast detection

Place a piece of round filter paper on the bottom of the petri dish, place a U-shaped glass rod on it, and place two clean glass slides on the glass rod.
After sterilization, add a few milliliters of sterilized 20% oil-permeable solution to the filter paper in an aseptic manner. Its main function is to keep the filter paper moist during the culture process.
Using a Pasteur pipette, add melted yeast extract agar or potato dextrose agar to the surface of the glass slide to form a thin layer of agar medium.
Use an inoculating loop to streak the yeast to be tested on the glass slide, cover part of the culture medium with a sterile cover glass, cover the petri dish and place it at 25°C for more than 7 days.

Use a phase-contrast microscope to observe the growth of the bacteria in the growth phase, and compare the growth of the bacteria exposed to the air and under the cover glass. You can also gently remove the cover glass from the glass slide, drop a drop of lactophenol, lactophenol-picric acid or lactophenol cotton blue to fix the bacteria, and then cover the cover glass with paraffin, nail polish or Special adhesive seals.
1. Wipe the slide and cover glass.
2. Put a drop of water on the center of the glass slide.
3. Use a dissecting needle to pick up a few hyphae.
4. Apply to clear water droplets.
5. Cover with a cover glass.
6. Dyeing needs to be done, and it can be observed without dyeing.

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Post time: Jun-09-2021